5 Reasons To Consider Dental Implants?

If you have missing or damaged teeth, do not give up hope of getting your full, beautiful smile back! Often opting for uncomfortable dentures, or nothing at all, those suffering from tooth loss can struggle with the ability to chew and eat certain foods, as well as worry about their appearance.

When it comes to restorative options, the progressive nature of dental implant treatments makes for a huge success rate. This is a permanent solution to unsightly teeth, alleviating discomfort while providing a strong bite. Read on to learn more about the benefits of dental implants in Stirling.


There’s no need to remain self-conscious about cracked, damaged teeth, or be embarrassed to smile because of a missing tooth. Quality dental implants will transform your smile, with a look and functionality that’s incredibly close to your original set of teeth.

Just one missing tooth can deteriorate your jawbone over time, creating a sunken look in the face. By allowing implants to support your jaw you can combat this health problem, while making yourself look younger.


As well as giving you a great looking smile, dental implants in Stirling have the ability to completely restore the functionality of your teeth. Whether you have one missing tooth or ten, it makes eating certain foods tricky, thanks to a reduced ability to chew. By filling these gaps with a permanent support system you no longer have to suffer with food, leaving you free to live life to the full.


Jawbones stay strong and healthy with constant simulation, so when a tooth is missing the bone underneath can suffer. Over time, the condition of the jaw can deteriorate to a point where quality of life is affected. 

Dental implants provide not only visual tooth replacements, but serious support behind the scenes. Their permanent installation is a long lasting way to improve oral health without affecting other teeth, while keeping your jawbone in good condition.


Thanks to the custom fit of dental implants in Stirling, when inserted by professional dentists like the friendly team at First Impressions dental, they operate just like natural teeth with no uncomfortable pinching. Unlike dentures, which can shift in your mouth and change shape over time, dental implants are perfectly secured, making them safe to use as normal.


The process of getting your custom implants fitted involves new growth around a prosthetic that is fitted into your gums. This results not only in a perfectly fused fit, but incredible longevity in your teeth replacement. Created from seriously durable materials, your dental implants will act and feel as strong as your real teeth.


Whether you’re sick of uncomfortable dentures, or are considering a smile update, the friendly team at First Impressions Dental can help. As long standing providers of premium dental implants in Stirling, each member of our highly trained dental team can help improve your quality of life, as well as restore your smile. 

To learn more about whether you are a good candidate for dental implants, or to book an initial consultation and get the ball rolling, simply get in touch today.