Are Dental Implants Worth The Cost

Anyone looking to restore their smile, and reboot their confidence, has likely heard of dental implants. An increasingly popular tooth replacement option, implants have overtaken dentures thanks to their permanent fix and similarity to natural teeth for both look and functionality.

If you are undecided whether getting dental implants in Stirling or Beechboro is worth the cost, it is important to consider the long-term benefits of choosing a permanent, customised solution to missing teeth. Read on to learn about the key benefits of dental implants versus cheaper forms of treatment. 


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are fixed replacements for missing teeth, where the results effectively imitate the complete functionality of natural teeth. Implants replace the actual root of the missing tooth, fusing to the jawbone to create a solid support for permanent bridges or crowns.


The knock-on effect of missing teeth

While a missing tooth may be more common than you realise, there are underlying effects of this seemingly innocuous dental health issue. Missing teeth can decrease the power of your bite, leading to the deterioration of bone density within the jawbone. 

Over time, this leads to bone loss,  which allows teeth to shift from their positions and potentially results in further tooth loss. Bacteria build-up is also a risk, as the empty gaps can become a breeding ground for bacteria, harmful infections, and decay.


Key benefits of dental implants

The main advantage to be gained from custom dental implants in Beechboro and Stirling is their functionality, closely replicating the function of natural teeth. While the final decision always lays with you, the patient, the ease of chewing and speaking makes the long-term benefits of fitted implants far outweigh the costs.

Low maintenance

Many people opt for dental implants as they are a low-maintenance solution, with a very high rate of success. While some pain is expected after the initial treatment, patients should experience no long-term irritation at all, as long as a reliable oral health care routine is followed.

A permanent fix

The fact this solution to missing teeth is a permanent fix, makes dental implants an investment with guaranteed longevity. The titanium screw, acting as a root replacement, fuses to the jawbone and holds a permanent, fixed crown firmly in place. Unlike traditional bridges or partial dentures, there is no pain or irritation from the movement of implants. 


Without stimulation, the jawbone often deteriorates and gets weaker, which can result in further tooth loss and a decline in facial appearance. Dental implants in Beechboro provide structure and support, ensuring bone stimulation continues as normal to prevent additional tooth loss.

Boosts oral health

Choosing to invest in dental implants in Stirling means a life without fear of further tooth decay. While this is a great benefit, this does not mean that oral hygiene should be ignored. It’s important to undertake proper aftercare and to look after your oral health as usual (including regular brushing and dental visits). It does, however, provide comfort that bone stimulation is occurring, without the risk of harmful cavities.


Quality dental implants in Stirling and Beechboro

First Impressions are leading providers of premium restorative dentistry in Perth, offering quality permanent dental implants as an effective investment for our valued patients. 

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