Does IV Sedation Lose its Efficacy With Repeated Uses?

Remaining calm and relaxed while at the dentist is essential, allowing oral health professionals to carry out their work successfully. Managing anxiety and pain is a safe and straightforward process with the help of IV sedation, enabling you to stay in a comfortable semi-awake state throughout.

If you’ve used IV sedation in the past and are concerned it may lose its effectiveness after multiple uses, this is the right article for you. Learn all about the efficacy of expert sedation dentistry in Stirling, and how it can help when facing extensive dental procedures, a bad gag reflex, or suffering from dental anxiety.


What is IV sedation?

IV stands for Intravenous Therapy and refers to substances being administered to a patient’s bloodstream via an IV drip. IV sedation is a popular form of sedation dentistry in Beechboro, where carefully controlled sedatives are given to patients by a doctor.

Moderate to deep sedation results can be achieved via fast-acting IV; experienced dental professionals determine the right dosage depending on the procedure in question, the patient’s needs and wellbeing, and how their body reacts to anaesthesia. 

Patients experience deep relaxation, and while they can communicate with their medical professional they typically do not have any memory of the procedure. 


Does IV sedation work after repeated uses?

One question often asked of dentists is just how effective IV sedation can be if the patient has already experienced repeated uses in the past. Regardless of how many doses you have received or the type of procedure, IV sedation will always work quickly and adeptly.

While it’s always important to discuss any concerns with your trusted dental professional, as well as your medical history, there’s no need to worry about the efficacy of IV sedation if you have been recommended this form of pain relief for another procedure as the same effect will be felt each time. 


The many benefits of sedation dentistry in Beechboro

When comparing sedative options for an upcoming dental procedure, you’ll likely discover there are significant advantages to IV sedation vs general anaesthesia. While the effect during your dentist’s visit is important when considering professional sedation dentistry in Stirling, the recovery time is also important to take into account.

Benefits of IV sedation include:

  • A short recovery time
  • Drowsiness wears off in one day
  • It’s a strong sedative that provides temporary amnesia
  • Fast acting
  • Easily administered intravenously
  • Suppresses gag reflexes
  • No memory of the procedure afterwards
  • Patients remain in a semi-conscious state, delivering both comfort and safety


Find trusted sedation dentistry in Stirling

First Impressions Dental are a leading provider of secure sedation dentistry in Perth, where decades of intensive experience make each dental professional skilled in advising and administering a range of safe sedation options. Providing a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, the clinic’s priority is always the comfort and well-being of each patient. 

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