Does Tooth Extraction Hurt

Getting teeth removed can be essential for multiple reasons, but many believe that it comes with a certain amount of pain. Whether you have a severe infection or you require wisdom teeth removal in Stirling, tooth extractions can be key to improving your oral health.

Sore side effects are why dental experts offer pain relief whenever possible, with anaesthesia provided during the procedure as well as options for added over-the-counter help from discomfort during recovery. 

Learn more about the forms of pain relief on offer during and post tooth extractions, and what to expect during the procedure itself.


Tooth extraction procedures 

There are two main options for expert tooth extractions:

Simple extractions

General extractions can be relatively painless, with your trusted dentist using an elevator tool to loosen the tooth once anaesthesia has been provided. Forceps are then used to remove the tooth; pressure but no pain is felt from the patient during the procedure. 

Surgical extraction

Tooth removal that requires a surgical approach tends to be needed when bone or gum tissue prevents the dentist from removing teeth – something many people experience when needing wisdom teeth removal in Beechboro. Once anaesthesia has been administered, your trained dental professional will make an incision into the gum or bone in order to remove the tooth as well as its roots. 

Both approaches – simple and surgical – result in the site being cleaned post-procedure, with gauze placed on the site for approximately 30 minutes to allow the necessary blood clot to form and preventing extensive bleeding. 


Options for anaesthesia 

The form of anaesthesia required for tooth extraction procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal in Stirling, depends on the pain severity and level of difficulty in removing the tooth in question. 

Local anaesthesia

Numbing the surrounding gum area with local anaesthetic is often enough to prevent any pain being felt by the patient during the procedure, with no noticeable sensation apart from pressure.

Sedation anaesthesia

Should a patient feel anxiety during dental procedure, sedation anaesthetic can be provided in a completely safe manner to induce a conscious-relaxed state. While you will remain awake, you will feel drowsy with no memory of the procedure. 

General anaesthesia 

Typically tooth extraction does not require general anaesthesia, but the possibility is available under specific circumstances in order to be fully unconscious during the treatment. Your body continues to function as normal, with vital signs like blood pressure and breathing monitored throughout.


Quality wisdom teeth removal in Stirling

The value of reliable wisdom teeth removal in Beechboro or Stirling is truly an investment in your overall health, as well as the quality of your oral care. Effective and dependable pain relief is administered by trained professionals during your procedure, with valuable over-the-counter options available to help during the recovery period.


Friendly care with First Impressions Dental 

Improve both your oral care and quality of life with First Impressions Dental, who are leading providers of trusted wisdom teeth removal in Beechboro and Stirling. As long-standing dental care providers, our team is highly experienced in making each patient as comfortable as possible during tooth extraction procedure.

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