Five Foods To Avoid For Your Kids Teeth

Children are at a higher risk of cavities and oral health issues for multiple reasons. With a penchant for sweet treats and an aversion to brushing (and flossing), kids are susceptible to tooth decay thanks to harmful morsels getting stuck in their teeth and damaging their enamel.

While it’s important to know a quality provider of children’s dentistry in Stirling and Beechboro, it’s vital to understand key foods to try and remove from your child’s diet, and why daily brushing is a must!



Sticky candy and chewy sweets are absolutely one of the most harmful food items for developing teeth. The key word here is sugar. When consumed on a regular basis it has a powerful ability to break down the thin layer of enamel protecting each of those tiny teeth, as the sugar is converted into acid which creates cavities. 

Consistent consumption of sticky candy leads to particles becoming stuck between teeth. This inevitably leads to tooth decay, and the need for experienced children’s dentistry in Beechboro to remove the bacteria and possible infections. 


Citrus, and juice

Many children can’t get enough of fresh fruit. While citrus variations like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, are a healthy component of a varied diet, they contain a lot of acid which helps quicken enamel breakdown. Without dedicated oral health care, this almost always leads to tooth decay, and an influx of cavities. 


Flavoured drinks

Also known as soda, or soft drinks, sugary drinks are one of the worst culprits of cavities in young children. Highly addictive and packed with sugar, beverages like sports drinks, juice, and fizzy bottles of soda also contain harmful acid that aims straight for that vulnerable enamel.

Surprisingly to many, fruit juice also contains a lot of sugar, making them almost as harmful as soft drinks when consumed regularly. 


Foods high in starch

More commonly known as carbs, starchy foods full of carbohydrates are a secret enemy of your kids teeth. While they may be an easy staple popular with young children, foods like pasta, bread, rice, and crackers convert to sugars as they break down between teeth. 

Experienced practitioners in children’s dentistry in Stirling will tell you the high risk of these starchy snacks, with children whose diet is high in carbohydrates more at risk of erosion of enamel, and tooth cavities. 


Dried fruit

We have discussed the dangers of citrus fruits and fruit juices, but another seemingly healthy snack to add to the list is dried fruit. Many parents opt to add a snack of dried fruit to their child’s lunchbox to include some vitamins and minerals in their meal, but these sugary treats easily get stuck between their teeth.

Those skilled in children’s dentistry in Beechboro recommend fresh fruit over dried fruit snacks, as it lacks the sticky texture and high cavity risk. 


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