Good vs. Bad Dentures: How to Know The Quality

Opting for quality dentures can be a revolutionary decision, for your personal health and quality of life, as well as confidence levels. Choosing the right type of dentures is an important consideration, and an experienced dentist will work with you to find a custom solution that suits your needs – for fit, appearance, effectiveness, and cost.

After determining whether you need full dentures (to replace most missing teeth) or partial dentures(replacing several teeth), it’s imperative to figure out whether a cheaper price tag means more than quality, long-lasting dentures that won’t negatively impact your oral health. Here are key areas to consider when looking for quality dentures in Stirling:


After researching a reputable dental practitioner with proven positive results for supplying dentures, ask about whether they use high grade materials to create long-lasting dentures

Higher quality materials and a superior level of craftsmanship will mean the difference between truly realistic looking dentures that match your natural teeth and gums, as well as well designed fit that won’t move in your mouth and negatively affect your bite, or speech. 


The work carried out by your dentist to prepare for natural looking dentures is a key step in the process of acquiring quality dentures in Stirling. Only by determining the exact tone, shade, size, and shape of your teeth first, can realistic, custom dentures be created to suit your specific needs. 


Impressive advancements in the creation of premium dentures mean no wearer should be suffering from inhibited eating on a daily basis. If you find yourself eating only soft foods to avoid discomfort with your dentures, it may be time to find quality dentures that offer comfort, and stay put!


Living with dentures that refuse to stay put in your mouth can be incredibly frustrating. Whether you struggle to smile and laugh normally, or suffer with movement at mealtimes, there is no reason you should be putting up with bad dentures. 

Poor quality dentures can be caused by rushed initial impressions taken of your mouth, as well as inadequate dental care, and wear and tear affecting dentures made from lower quality materials. 


Whether you have dentures with the perfect fit and performance, or are struggling to deal with bad quality dentures, visiting your dental professional for check ups regularly is an important part of denture maintenance.

Booking check ups every 6 to 12 months helps maintain quality dentures in Stirling, and prevent any existing issues from worsening to a painful and/or expensive level. Focus on regular maintenance, and your quality dentures will go the distance. 


The experienced practitioners at First Impressions Dental are highly knowledgeable about providing customised recommendations to each patient on the best denture requirements for their specific needs. We focus on how to improve each person’s life by improving smiles in a way that suits their personal needs and payment options.

Get in touch now to book your initial denture consultation at our denture clinic in Stirling, and learn more about our long lasting, state-of-the-art restorations.