Having pain with your wisdom teeth? Here’s 5 signs they need to be removed by our dentist in Perth

Unless you’re one of the lucky few whose wisdom teeth seem to magically appear, the chances are that you’ll suffer with symptoms relating to a wisdom tooth at some point in your life. 

Typically appearing when you’re 17-25, wisdom teeth have a tendency to grow in at odd angles, causing swelling and infection as they collide with other teeth. At First Impressions Dental, we’re experienced in performing wisdom teeth removal in our Stirling clinic, read on to discover the key symptoms to look for, and signs you need to book a dentist visit today. 

What are wisdom teeth?

Found right at the back of each row of teeth, wisdom teeth are additional molars that arrive much later than the rest of your adult teeth. It’s likely that you won’t notice your wisdom teeth developing at first, with most people experiencing pain or irritation once their wisdom teeth break through gum tissue.

Often, the main issue people face is a lack of room for wisdom teeth to grow, causing sensitivity and irritation as they develop into nearby teeth. This is known as impacted wisdom teeth, and means that they most likely will need to be removed to prevent overcrowding and infection. 

Impacted teeth can cause damage to surrounding teeth, as well as a host of other oral health issues. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, it’s recommended to see a dental practitioner practiced in wisdom teeth removal as soon as possible. 


A common side effect of impacted wisdom teeth, inflammation of the gums occurs when there isn’t enough room for the tooth to grow. This creates swelling and redness when the wisdom tooth tries to emerge from the gum tissue.


Whether you suspect that you may need wisdom teeth removal in Stirling or not, you should always visit a dentist if you experience dental pain. As a wisdom tooth emerges, it can cause pain and sensitivity should it grow at an angle and press into nearby bone and nerves. 


As a wisdom tooth continues to grow, it may erupt out of the gums, leaving the tissue open and prone to infection. Bacteria can grow from food and plaque stuck in this opening, often resulting in an infection –  tooth removal in Stirling is typically required should this continue to occur. 

Gum disease

If a wisdom tooth growing in the wrong direction is left untreated, it can connect with nearby roots and teeth, which could cause gum disease. Signs of gum disease include tender or bleeding gums, pus, swollen lymph glands, and difficulty swallowing. 


An impacted wisdom tooth can place pressure on nerves and surrounding teeth, leading to pressure on sinuses, headaches and congestion.

Expert wisdom teeth removal in Stirling

In order to prevent more severe oral health issues, or continuing pain from an infection, it’s important to visit a reliable dental clinic should you experience any of the above symptoms. The experienced, and knowledgeable staff at First Impressions Dental are ready to ease your discomfort, and assist with all forms of tooth removal in Stirling.

For any questions around wisdom teeth removal in Stirling, or to book a consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.