How effective is a tooth implant?

Suffering from tooth loss is an infliction suffered by too many people. While gum disease and tooth decay are nothing new, improvements in dental care now offer incredibly innovative solutions to repair this harmful issue. 

While dentures and bridges are the right oral health solution in some cases, quality dental implants in Stirling are the ideal restorative remedy for natural-looking results. Learn all about the benefits of tooth implants, and why they are likely the best choice in dentistry for durable results that get your confidence back. 

Benefits of dental implants in Beechboro

Having damaged or missing teeth can really take a toll on your mental wellbeing, adding to the already harmful physical effects of poor oral health. Getting a restorative tooth implant in Stirling provides a durable foundation to hold natural-looking artificial teeth, letting you smile and eat in total comfort. 

Dental implants are essentially replacement roots, creating a strong base that supports permanent crowns or removable bridges to fill the gap of missing teeth. Because durable implants are biocompatible, they fuse directly to the bone, resulting in a lifetime of improved oral health, and self esteem!

A long-lasting, restorative procedure

With the right care and correct dental hygiene, well-made dental implants in Stirling can last a lifetime. This makes it the ideal restorative procedure for many people, with often no repairs needed as long as regular check ups are performed.

While surgery is required to embed the implant into the jawbone, reliable local anaesthetic often ensures minimal discomfort, and over the counter pain medication helps to aid in an easier recovery period.

Those looking for a long-term solution to missing teeth can benefit from a tooth implant in Beechboro. Once the jawbone forms around the implant over 3-6 months, a realistic crown, bridge or dentures can be fixed on top of the now sturdy support. 

Are dental implants right for me?

With multiple options available for both single and multiple implants, your experienced dentist can best advise and determine the right choice. The strength of the jawbone and existing level of oral health will impact the best form of dental implants in Beechboro for your needs.

The first step to getting a quality tooth implant in Stirling is to have a consultation with a knowledgeable dentist at First Impressions Dental. Once x-rays have determined whether the area is capable of supporting an implant, the amount of available space and your medical history will be taken into account to clarify the ideal solution. 

The following oral health characteristics will help your dentist determine whether you’re physically able to handle the procedure:

  • Strong bone capable of supporting the implant
  • Healthy gums
  • Smoking
  • Consistent oral health care
  • Commitment to regular dental check ups

Quality dental implants in Beechboro and Stirling

First Impressions Dental is a leading provider of premium, reliable dental implants in Stirling and Beechboro. With an aim to improve the oral health of each patient through customised, permanent solutions to missing teeth, our dedicated professionals can leave you with strong, natural looking teeth that last for life. 

Contact us today to book an initial consultation, or with any queries on getting a tooth implant in Beechboro or Stirling.