How Often Does Your Kid Need to Visit a Paediatric Dentist

Many parents don’t think about their child’s teeth until they appear. While those adorable baby teeth may look healthy, this doesn’t mean that dental care isn’t necessary for their long-term well-being. 


Finding the best paediatric dentist in Joondalup, Stirling and Beechboro for your kids from a young age sets them up for a healthier life, allowing them to learn great oral care habits and prevent dental issues as they grow up.


Read on to learn about the importance of visiting a dental clinic with your children, from when to book their first appointment to caring for those tiny teeth as they grow.


Why your kids need quality children’s dentistry in Stirling


One of the best reasons to find a great paediatric dentist in Beechboro, Stirling and Joondalup is the peace of mind of knowing a safe place to visit should your child need dental care – whether it’s a routine appointment or a serious dental emergency.


As well as providing reliable oral health care in a comfortable setting, knowledgeable children’s dentists track oral development to ensure potential issues are noticed and resolved before they become serious. 


Regular paediatric dentist visits are the best way to educate your child on the importance of daily oral health care. Whether your child would benefit from more brushing or less sugar in their diet, a friendly dental professional can advise on the best way your little ones can care for their precious teeth. 


How often you should book a paediatric dentist in Stirling


Dental experts recommend that your child’s first visit to the dentist should be between 1 to 6 months after their first teeth emerge. From there, a dental visit should then occur every 6 months, allowing the experts to track important developments and monitor potential issues. This also helps your child become more comfortable with dental visits, allowing them to develop a friendly relationship with the children’s dentistry experts in Beechboro and Stirling. 


The team at First Impressions Dental can then advise on whether additional appointments are needed to look after orthodontic issues and prevent potential tooth decay. Between visits, make sure each child is looking after their teeth well with:


  • Twice daily brushing
  • Daily flossing
  • A healthy diet with reduced sugar
  • Regular visual checks for oral issues


The importance of regular check-ups


In the same way that kids grow up fast, small oral health problems can rapidly grow in severity and take hold. Making sure that your child regularly attends a clinic for children’s dentistry in Beechboro or Stirling is key to limiting their vulnerability to damaging decay.


Should the dental practitioner spot only potential signs of harm, dental x-rays are used to identify otherwise invisible cavities in baby teeth. This prevents tooth decay, large cavities, and even childhood periodontal diseases from quickly forming. 


Be sure to book an appointment for children’s dentistry in Stirling if they display symptoms such as:


  • Persistent tooth or gum pain
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Bleeding gums 
  • Signs of tooth decay
  • Discolouration or pus on the gums
  • Teeth growing at sharp angles


Find a reliable paediatric dentist in Stirling


First Impressions Dental is a trusted provider of children’s dentistry in Stirling and Beechboro, known for our encouraging No Cavity Club for kids as well as for providing reliable oral health care.

Contact us today to book an appointment with an experienced paediatric dentist in Joondalup, Beechboro or Stirling, or to discuss any kid’s oral health queries.