Having to choose between extracting a tooth or attempting to save it via root canal treatment is not an easy choice for anyone to make, but it’s surprisingly common. In our world of fast food and sugary treats, infections and poor oral hygiene are very common and often lead to tooth decay.

Seriously decayed teeth either need a root canal or an extraction, and only by learning about each option can you make an informed decision. Be sure to ask a dentist experienced with both extractions and root canal treatment in Caversham any questions you might have.

Root Canal Treatment Noranda

When carried out by an experienced dentist, root canals have a very high success rate with no need to remove the tooth.

What the procedure involves

The dental practitioner cleans your infected tooth, or teeth, to remove the infection, first using local anaesthesia to reduce the inevitable pain involved – potentially it can be more painful than an extraction.


The infected pulp is reached and removed through a hole created using a drill, with thorough cleaning of the infected area carried out before and after. Root canal fillings are then placed in both the hole and surrounding walls of the cavity, with post-procedure antibiotics helping reduce both pain and risk of infection.

Reasons to choose a root canal

While the right procedure for you depends on your specific oral health issue, a root canal treatment Beechboro may be your best choice if you can see the infected tooth when you smile, you have strong existing bones around it, and you are committed to keeping your oral health in good stead after the procedure.


Tooth Removal Morley

In some cases, it’s absolutely essential to completely extract a tooth, in order to keep surrounding teeth in good health.

Tooth extraction procedure

While this may seem like a straightforward procedure, it causes a lot of discomfort due to the complex procedure involved. You will need to undergo anaesthesia to numb the infected area, while the trained dental practitioner pulls out the tooth in question.


The power of today’s medicine means you won’t feel anything, even if the dentist has to pry with special tools to fully extract the tooth, but as the anaesthesia wears off you will likely require further pain medication.


A key factor in tooth removal is aftercare, as the void left by the pulled tooth is at risk of infection which can spread to other teeth. A gap can also affect surrounding teeth by removing their physical support and potentially weakening the area – if this is the case, a dental crown or bridge is recommended.

Opting for tooth removal West Swan

The main reasons to choose tooth removal or root canal treatment in Malaga is if your dentist says there is no other option, and if you cannot afford a root canal procedure. As long as your tooth extraction is carried by experienced professionals, the risk is minimal.

Attentive Care from First Impressions Dental

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