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First Impressions Dental has come up with a No Cavity Club for kids which entitles them to get a kids passport where they can paste their own photos and receive stamps with every visit – they will even be rewarded with gifts by earning stamps. Kids will also get their photo on the Kids No cavity club wall of fame.

This initiative is taken to make the dental visits more comfortable and fun for the kids and also encourages them to keep their teeth clean to receive rewards.

Dental Checkups for Children

Just like adults, children can benefit from a dental checkup, scale and clean every six months. During the appointment, we’ll provide

  • Age appropriate oral hygiene education
  • Screening for cavities and orthodontic concerns
  • Diagnostic X-rays to evaluate oral development
  • Early intervention for cavities
  • Gentle cleans
  • A through exam

Along with discussing any specific concerns with the patient and/or parents.

If treatment is necessary, our family dentists provide comprehensive children’s dentistry including fillings, crowns and extractions.

Protective Fissure Sealants and Fluoride

Children are especially susceptible to cavities. To reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay, we recommend fluoride treatments after each clean along with fissure sealants on all permanent molars. Both of these measures can drastically reduce the chance of developing cavities.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule Accepted

Families who qualify for Medicare can receive up to $2,000 in dental services for children between the ages of 2-17. Preventative and therapeutic treatments are covered, with the allowance renewing every two years for qualifying patients.

Learn more about the No Cavity Club by watching the video below!

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Our family-friendly dental practice enjoys seeing children of all ages. Whether your little one is due for their first ever dental checkup or has experienced an emergency such as a chipped tooth, we’re here to assist you as much as possible.

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