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Stirling Endodontics Treatment

The purpose of a root canal is to prevent tooth loss and the need for unnecessary dental extractions. At First Impressions Dental, we use gentle dentistry techniques and advanced technology, and offer sedation options for nervous patients. Our patients are able to experience an efficient treatment that effectively enhances their health and the integrity of their teeth.

Reasons for Getting a Root Canal

If the inner nerve tissues of your tooth have been traumatised or infected, then you might need a root canal. Instead of just covering the tooth – which seals the damaged nerve inside – a root canal removes the tissue and fills the hollow chamber that is left behind.

You may require an endodontic treatment if you have experienced:

  • A traumatic injury, such as a sporting or car accident
  • Severe decay that has spread deeper into the tooth
  • Large fractures or chips in your enamel
  • Painful toothaches
  • Dental abscesses and swelling

Rotary Technology for Accurate, Efficient Treatment

At First Impressions Dental, we have invested in advanced rotary endoscopic equipment so that our patients will experience the most accurate and efficient root canal therapy possible. The process will require less time while also enhancing the quality of care. With this premium equipment, getting a root canal can be just as gentle and efficient as when you get a filling. After having the root canal, you can also get a crown put over the tooth to prevent any damage to the enamel left behind.

Same-Day Dentistry Available

If you think you might have an abscess in your tooth, or you are in pain and wondering whether you need a root canal, we encourage you to book an exam. During your visit, we will answer any questions that you have and discuss our findings. Payment plans are available.