Top 4 Reasons Why Your Aged Family Member Needs Emergency Dentistry

Age can take a huge toll on your dental health. Unfortunately, old age is also a time of life when some people fail to take good care of their teeth. Any dental issue – no matter how minor – can negatively affect your overall health and well-being, when you’re in your golden years. Not seeking emergency dentistry can lead to severe health problems.

At First Impressions Dental, we are a reputed Emergency Dentist in Stirling clinic, with years of experience helping older patients experience relief and regain dental health. If you have an older family member who is experiencing any dental health issue, it’s best if you bring them for emergency dental care. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Plaque can make their medication poisonous

Plaque is formed when the bacteria in your teeth interact with the sugary and starchy foods we eat. During this interaction, the bacteria release different chemicals, which cause plaque formation. This can be a dangerous and problematic situation in aged people who take medications for other health conditions. The chemicals released by the bacteria can mix with their medications and create a toxic combination, which is harmful to their health.

Emergency dentistry can help reduce this threat with thorough plaque removal.

2. Tooth loss can affect their nutrition

Age-weakened teeth are at a huge risk of chipping off or falling. In older people, any tooth loss can create problems in chewing food. The pain of tooth loss may also prevent your older loved ones from getting the nutrition they need. This can interfere with their health and possibly worsen other medical conditions.

Our Emergency Dentist in Stirling  professionals can fit your loved one with dentures or fix broken crowns/fillings, as needed. This will allow them to have their meals without any pain or discomfort. 

3. Gum disease can increase their risk of cardiovascular conditions

Gum disease occurs when bacteria affect and decay the gums. In severe cases of gum disease, these dangerous bacteria travel through the blood vessels into other parts of the body – including the heart – causing inflammation and vascular damage. This can lead to the formation of blood clots, which in serious cases, can lead to heart attacks and other cardiovascular conditions.

Additionally, the bacteria can affect the immune system and impact the body’s blood sugar levels. If your older family member is diabetic, this could be particularly dangerous for them.

With immediate, emergency dental treatments, you’ll be able to identify the first signs of gum disease in an elderly loved one and stop its progression.

4. Bad oral hygiene can increase their risk of cancer and other pathogenic diseases

Did you know, people with poor oral hygiene are at a higher risk of having an oral HPV infection? Studies indicate that this increases their chance of developing cancer at a later stage. But oral HPV infection is just one of the problems of bad oral hygiene. Bacterial and viral infections can also lead to abscesses, which can be very painful and might lead to other pathogenic diseases. 

This is a huge risk for many older people, as they may not have the physical strength or ability to complete daily, thorough brushing. Our Emergency Dentist in Stirling professionals can quickly diagnose abscesses and other oral infections and provide the immediate care your loved one needs, to keep them safe from harm. Visit us today for Emergency Dental Treatment in Stirling.