Why Should You Whiten Your Teeth Professionally And Regularly?

There truly is no better path to a gorgeous smile than healthy, white teeth. Your beaming smile is usually the first thing people notice about when they meet you, and stained, yellow teeth can really give the wrong impression.

We all have a right to look and feel our best, and being ashamed of your grin will only knock your confidence. Prioritizing your smile not only means getting them pearly whites to look, well, white, but it also encourages you to take good care of your teeth and oral health. So what are you waiting for!


First off, let’s clear up this common misconception. Professional teeth whitening is a highly safe practice when carried out by expert practitioners, with the practice involving opening the pores on your teeth temporarily to take off the stains. Afterwards, you naturally rehydrate and remineralize so your teeth have no lasting damage.

What can be dangerous, however, is using cheap home kits that bleach teeth, rather than whiten. Choose professional Teeth Whitening in Stirling, and you’re guaranteed a safe practice with gleaming results – with absolutely none of the damage.


A key reason to regularly whiten your teeth, as opposed to doing it sporadically, is that the pores in each tooth are constantly absorbing the ingredients of the food surrounding them. Think of your teeth like tiny sponges; soaking up all the coffee, wine, fruit, and cigarette smoke that are particularly guilty of active staining. 

Over time these small stains build into an overall colour change, which is harder to remove. By incorporating teeth whitening into your health care routine, you will keep the worst staining at bay, and allow your natural whiteness to shine through. 


Just like a quality self-care practice, you cannot get transformative results overnight. Any product that promises to do so is false! Consult an experienced dental practitioner, like the friendly team at First Impressions, for their professional opinion and they will give you the same information.

While each whitening session is incredibly effective, often removing years of built up stains, the truth is the process is different for everyone. Whitening agents simply cannot work fast enough, and it can take a few sessions over a couple of days up to a few months, to effectively remove all staining possible. 


Each dental expert at First Impressions Dental is focused on providing the best oral health care possible, and this includes premium teeth whitening in Stirling.

As well as taking great care during each whitening session to get you the best smile possible, we can help with any sensitive side effects also. It is absolutely normal to have sensitivity from teeth whitening Perth, and with the help of a fluoride treatment afterwards it will disappear quickly.

To learn more about how you can get a brighter, healthier smile with the help of professional teeth whitening, or to learn more about our toher dental services, contact us today.